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VFH Group of companies
skupina VFH
VFH Group

Complex demands of our clients require a wider range of services which exceeds the traditional boundaries of advocacy. That is why we are a part of a larger structure of companies whose expertise covers needs usually associated with our clients’ requests.


Is an accountancy and tax advisory company in the Czech Republic. It offers  comprehensive services for businesses, in cooperation with auditors, tax advisers and attorneys. http://www.es.vfh.cz

VFH Vašíček a partneři s.r.o., advokátní kancelář - Attorneys At Law

Is a law firm established in the Czech Republic, Slovak Republic and Cyprus, dealing particularly with  full scale services for corporate businesses. More on http://www.vfh.cz

Advokátní kancelář Vašíček, Frimmel & Honěk